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Phase 11 Info!


Welcome to Phase 11!

• Thank you so much for the great response to the last poll! I'm so thrilled to see so many of you still here and interested in joining!

• Returning members, please fill out the poll below to join us for Phase 11 of gameofcards! (New members: please comment here to join.)

• I hope to start the phase very soon! As soon as we have teams sorted, I'll begin posting challenges (as early as November 15th).

• Depending on how the team poll balances out, we may need some of you to be flexible and wiling to try a new team in order to make it work and ensure that the game is as much fun for everyone as possible!

• If you're interesting in helping out either by posting challenges or by posting reminders and social posts as a team leader, please let me know. We're looking for 1-2 mods for every team. Experience isn't necessary, but it would be great if you could post at least 1-2 times a week to keep your team on track. Thank you!!

Poll #2074765 phase11-teampoll
This poll is closed.

I would like to be on team


I'm willing to help by

switching teams if needed
being a team leader
posting occasional challenges

PS: If anyone possibly knows of a fix or trick to recover photobucket images, please let me know! Thank you!
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Interest in a new round?

Just curious if there's any interest in a new round of gameofcards?

Are there enough of us still around LJ to make a go of it? If we have enough interest, I'll consider opening for round 11!

The round will tentatively run mid November through mid February.

Poll #2074517 gocphase11

Are you interested in round 11 of gameofcards?

Count me in!

Please spread the word and let your friends know to come and vote!
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Hang in there everyone!

Stay tuned for more challenges! We will have one more batch of challenges coming soon (tomorrow hopefully this weekend)!

If there's a specific type of challenge you'd like to see happen before the phase ends, give me a shout!

Sorry new challenges have been kind of sporadic this phase. I think I'll need some help posting challenges for Phase 11, so if that's something you might like to do, please let me know!

You've had a few days break, but get your team-mates ready because we're not done yet!!

(Phase 10 currently scheduled to end in early to mid June.)

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Update - Challenges Coming Soon!

I am so sorry for the lack of activity here the last couple of weeks. I've been dealing with illness in the family and then I've been severely sick myself this week.

I just wanted to pop in and say that more new challenges will be coming this weekend!
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Team Leaders & Challenge Poll!

Sorry for not announcing these earlier, I was holding off hoping to hear back from a couple more people I contacted. But I think we'll go ahead and hand the reigns over!

Team Leaders, please don't let me hold you up any longer! If you have not already, please do introduce yourself and get the balls rolling on your turf! ;)

Our team leaders for this phase are:
Clubs: erinm_4600
Diamonds: ama_ranth_827 & camiilovespanic & candream
Hearts: adsullatta & sandy79
Spades: madampresident & cardboardcornea & luminousdaze

Also, theladymorgan helped me quite a bit behind the scenes with tallying (etc) last phase, and so for this phase she will join me on team_joker!

More challenges coming soon! Tell me, what would you like to see?

Poll #2063908 types of challenges

What type of challenges/things do you want to see? (check all that apply!)

flash games
other games
social challenges
team challenges
book club
film club
music club
something else (please comment!)
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Phase Ten is GO!

The phase has now officially kicked off!

It will run for approximately 3 months (ending at the beginning of June)

Here is your new SPREADSHEET! Check it out to see your team placements!

Thank you so much to those of you were willing to switch teams to help balance things out! If you are one of the people who have switched, please double check to be sure you have access to the correct team community! If you need an invite to your new home, please drop me a comment!

Here's a quick look at our challenges so far! Stay tuned as more are coming your way!

Open Challenges:
#2 Break the Ice - Due March 6
#3 Sigtag Swap - Due March 27
#1 Promotion - Due May 1

To stay up to date on the current challenges, you can always check the Open Challenges List. Or you can track the Open Challenges LJ Post as well!

Our social community allthesuits is always open for your use! Feel free to use it to crosspost your challenge graphics/fic/etc or for other social activities as well!

And remember to take advantage of buy_cards to post a request or host a sale! You can earn extra points each month there!

cardwars is temporarily on hiatus as we make a few changes to the rules, but it will be returning soon!

If you have any other questions or need me to sort anything out, please feel free to contact me in the comments or by PM!
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Hang in There!

Don't worry!

Yes, the teams will be announced later today as well as more of the first few challenges of phase 10!

Also, if you have applied on the signup post, you'll be getting a confirmation then as well!

Thanks to everyone who has promoted the community and gotten a head start on the early challenge 1. You'll soon have plenty more things to do to earn points for your teams!
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Phase 10 Reminder!

Just a reminder, if you have not already, please do fill out the POLL to return for phase 10!

Or if you are new or did not play in phase 9, please head over to SIGN-UP!

Our first challenges and team lists will be going up very soon!

(If someone from each team can please post a quick pointer in the team comms for anyone who might have missed it, that would be great! Thank you!)
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Phase Ten!

Here's your call for interest for PHASE TEN!


You have two options:

If you played in phase nine, please fill out the POLL below!

Or if you weren't active in phase nine, please head over to the SIGN-UP POST and fill out the form!

Poll #2062982 season 10 ~ returning members

For phase 10 put me on team:


If needed are you willing to move teams?


Team you'd want to switch to:

Are you up for being a team leader?

Not this time