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Rules & FAQS & Questions (aka generic mod post)

What are the rules
Play fair, don't cheat and Stick to the challenge rules. The Mods here are going out of their way to give their time up for you, so its also expected you be courteous to them and the other members here.

Firstly you are sorted into one of the four teams (clubs, diamonds, spades, and hearts). Then you participate in a number of different challenges - as you gain points for completing these challenges your team will also gain these points. There are a number of different challenge types; games, graphics, writing, etc. You don't have to do everything but you are required to do at least one challenge a fortnight. We remove inactive members simply to keep the teams as fair as possible

Who are you and why haven't you answered my questions
HI. I have modded a bunch of landcomms in my time, over many different years. I mostly(?) know what I'm doing. Against my better judgement I'm modding this comm while also having a full time job. I don't have access to LJ at work. So you won't always get replies from me asap. BUT I should answer within 24 hours.

What can i use in my entries
As long as it falls within the challenge specifications, you can use whatever you like. Please avoid bashing characters, shows or people. Fandoms are all welcome, as well as original creations and stock etc. EVERYTHING that is NSFW or of a sensitive topic should be put behind an LJ cut.

Why do we have teams?
The competition makes things a bit more fun. It helps make people a bit more social. It gives us more of a reason to participate And Sig tags!

What's a sig tag?
Its a small banner you use to identify yourself. They are optional, but fun. You can order some at the shops if you don't want to make your own (or you can order some anyway!) Sig Tags must be 475px or less; eg they can be 300x175, 200x275...)

What are shops?
A place where members can sell their wares so to speak; Its a good place to pick up new sig banners, icons a ficlet & other things.

Why might i get cut from a team?
To remain fair, cuts will happen for inactive members. There is no reason you can't reapply afterwards. Cuts will happen monthly.

What's a round?
Rounds will last for 3 months. After each three month period there will be a winner! All your teams members points will be tallied and put into the team pot. There will be multiple ways for a team to earn bonus points :)

What sort of challenges are there?
Graphics, Writing, Games, Fanmixes, Videos, etc. Various memes and whatever I can think of. There will also be other ways to earn points such as shops, battles and modding.

Why so many comms?
I know its confusing, but it means if you're not interested in one area, you don't have to join it. It also means that multiple mods = more and more challenges, and they have their own space.

Why so many mods?
Firstly, to help me out as i don't have enough time to do everything myself. Secondly, to give me multiple input from all the different teams. It helps keep me honest ;) Plus it just means over all that there can be more challenges. Which gives you more to pick and choose from.

What are the rounds?
Round Five - current
Round Six - Oct - Dec

Do i have to enter all the challenges?
Nope. You need to enter 1 challenge every 2 weeks. The unofficial point cap is approx 2500 points.

How much are entries worth?
A general guide :
50 words (fic, meta, descriptions) are worth 5 points
1 icon or sig banner is worth 5 points
A simple game will be 5 points.
Challenges will increase from there. While these are basic points, occasionally things will be slightly higher. 1 icon or 50 words may be worth 10 points.
We will aim to keep points as consistent and fair as possible. They are just a number after all

Stick them in this post! We also have guides, which you can find under the guides tag

- If you want to leave, change your user name or whatever, please comment here.
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